I was just starting my day as usual, a bit of breakfast and a couple episodes of Curious George when I hear an email notification. I open up my tablet to see the email I had been waiting for, it read:

“CONGRATULATIONS!!!! You are a county finalist in the Ireland’s Best Young Entrepreneur Of The Year Competition.”

I couldn’t believe my eyes! I had been hoping I had a chance but I knew there was a lot of stiff competition out there. Over 70 people entered the competion in Co.Kerry, the most entries for any year and the largest number of entries outside of Co. Dublin. Of those only 20 were chosen as county finalists.

We met for a briefing session on Friday and I got to meet lots of the other finalists with fantastic ideas and businesses.


Next week we start a 2 day bootcamp. This will help us polish up our business plans and prepare our pitches for the judging panel on the 18th of November. Its all very Dragon’s Den-esque.

Keep your eyes open for my follow up posts on the process as it progresses.

Exciting times ahead 😊