Why I don’t do Disney!

Ok let me start by saying I love Disney, especially the songs. I often find myself singing “let it go” out of the blue.

I love watching the movies with the kids!

What I want to explain here is why I don’t use Disney, Marvel or any fabrics with children’s television characters on them to make my products.

Customers often ask me to make something out of Disney, Paw Patrol or Peppa Pig fabrics but I’m afraid its a no go!

All Disney fabrics carry copyrights. It is in fact illigal to use them for profit or commercial use. These photos of the fabric show the listings state that they are a licenced product and must not be used commercially:


Mini Mouse fabric clearly states it is not for commercial use.



Marvel fabrics also carry the same warning.


Whether you buy the fabric online or in a fabric store it will tell you it is licenced.

You can buy licensed fabrics to:

  • Make items for your own personal use.
  • Make something for somebody as a gift for free.

However if you are making something to sell for money it is in direct breach of copyright law.


Is it really a big deal?

Yes it really is!

I know lots of people do it but those people are playing with fire. Disney representatives are on a clamp down at the moment and are actively searching Etsy, Facebook and Websites to find people using their liscensed fabrics commercially.

If you are caught this is what could happen:

“You could get a notice demanding you cease and desist using and distributing the copyrighted work, or you might discover that your Internet service provider has already removed infringing content. You could face penalties of more than $100,000 for each infringed work. You could go to jail. It all depends on the extent of the infringement.”smallbusiness.chron.com

So as much as we all love Disney I think it’s best to stick with watching the movies, singing the songs and not risk the consequences of violating their copyrights 😊

Any other questions on this or anything else feel free to ask away in comments x