I always love getting that message asking if I can make a custom order of some kind. I’ve done all sorts over the years, sensory blankets for kids to take on long flights to keep them entertained, curtains, cushions, car seat sets and the list goes on…

Well a lovely lady contacted me a couple of weeks ago and set me a new task! My mission should I choose to accept was to make a cover and suck pads for her new Moby Aria sling? It was too good a challenge to pass up, so she sent the original bits from her sling for me to have a look at and I decided to make the new panel and suck pads from scratch.

I used:

  • Robert Kaufman Super hero fabric
  • Aqua blue dimple dot minky
  • Blue polka dot bias binding
  • Velcro
  • Gutterman cotton thread

I set about deconstructing the panel in my head and created my patterns:


Design stage

Then I started piecing it all together:


Its starting to look like the real thing now

I had to try out my new button hole presser foot as I hadn’t used it before and it was great! Added 6 button holes and attached the velcro on to the suck pads and we were good to go.

baby carrier custom order-02

Front panel and suck pads

Here is the finished product with the original set I was sent to work off of:

baby carrier custom order-01

Original Moby Aria panel and suck pads with the new ones

I sent it back to my customer and a couple of days later I received this lovely photo of the new set in action:


Happy customers 😊

I really enjoy custom orders, I think it has something to do with the challenge of making something different and it’s so rewarding when a plan comes together and you achieve your ultimate goal of reaching a person’s expectations and gaining another happy customer x