We are super duper busy planning away at Baby Beau head quarters right now for Autumn 2016 and we like to keep you in the know so here’s 5 things coming up.



1. Baby Beau Eco

We love to keep up with trends and right now organic baby items are all the rage so we are launching a gorgeous new range: Baby Beau Eco!

This new organic range uses 100% organic cotton jersey designed and created in Sweden. It is so soft and luxurious your little ones are going to love it.

We are hoping to launch this in the next few weeks so keep your eyes open!

Coming soon  


2. Baby Market Event

We will be attending the fantastic baby market event in Tralee again on the 4th of September so we are very busy with preparations for that now as we like to have lots of lovely bits for you!

On the day we will be offering 10% off everything so make sure you pop by and say hello 😊

We will also be at the baby market in Tralee on November 20th and Cork on November 27th.

Baby market stall

Our stall at the last baby market.



3. Fabric Shopping!!!

We are constantly adding new fabrics to our range so we plan on doing a lot of fabric shopping and I mean a lot!

If you have any special requests for fabrics then let us know, we love fabric hunting 😊

Coming soon



4. Updating Product Photography

The last few weeks we have been updating our photos and branding. we will be working at getting everything updated over the next couple of months so keep your eyes open.

We are loving trying out new techniques!

Its all about flatlays right now…

Product Photography

Our product photography studio



5. Something for you Mummas:


We are launching a gorgeous range of 100% ORGANIC washable breast pads. The pads are made from designer organic jersey 100% cotton fabric and backed with our super absorbent organic bamboo cotton microfiber. There is a breathable leak proof fabric layer sewn inside to prevent any leaks, helping to keep you dry and comfortable.

They are also contoured so they shape to fit your curves!

The Organic fabrics are extremely absorbent, antibacterial, antifungal and hypoallergenic. These properties make them ideal for use on sensitive, delicate skin and essential for helping to prevent problems like mastitis.

The breast pads will be available to purchase by the middle of September!

organic breast pads

A few of our contoured breast pads…



So as you can see we are super busy and we love it that way. This is just 5 things we are doing this Autumn and we have lots more in the pipeline.

What plans do you have coming up the next few months?