17 baby must haves

The list of things you could get or are told you need for your baby is endless!

Some things you need are obvious but in my experience most of what you think you need will end up un-used in the cupboard!

Here’s a list of 17 tried and tested baby must haves from basics to gadgets to make life easier for you and your little one!




1. Muslins!!! 

I was told I would need muslins before I had my baby so I brought a couple of packs, then I had my little man and I brought a couple more and then a couple more…you get the picture, I needed tons of them so they are number one on the list.



2. Baby Grows & Vests

These are a given necessity really, I mean you are going to want to dress your baby and tiny vests and baby grows are so adorable you’ll have loads before you realise.


3. Scratch Mittens

These tiny mits are soooo handy! Some babies are born with quite long nails and cutting such tinchy little things can be a bit daunting so popping their hands in these mittens will stop any nasty scratches on bubba until you build up the courage to give it a go.

Most baby grows have them built into the sleeves now which is great.


4. Swaddle Cloths

Your little one has been snug as a bug in a rug for the last nine months so some people swear by swaddle cloths to help their newborns feel safe and secure when sleeping for the first few months.


I found this organic swaddle blanket amazing! www.swaddle designs.com


5. A Nappy Bin or Diaper Genie

Who wants nappies hanging around? No one I know! This invention is great for containing the little stink bombs:





6. A Feeding Pillow

These come in all shapes sizes but the dream genii is a great pillow. You can use it before your baby arrives to try and get a comfortable nights sleep and then once your little one is in your arms you can put it to good use as a feeding support pillow. Available from mothercare stores.



7. Bibs & Burpcloths

You WILL need tons of these! You’ll find them so useful at the beginning for feeding and then when teething sets in you will need them even more.

Also bandana bibs are a cool fashion trend right now and they make a stylish addition to your baby’s outfits.

We recommend our own bibs as they are made using organic bamboo cotton microfiber which is hypoallergenic, antifungal and antibacterial, perfect for babies with sensitive or eczema prone skin. The organic microfiber also helps prevent dribble rash on your little ones chin and neck.

Bandana bibs

Organic bandana bibs available from our online boutique www.babybeauandco.com


8. Bottle Drying Mat

Oh how I wish I had one of these but I didn’t see it until now! It would have been so helpful so it makes our list:




9. A Nursery Bottle Warmer & Cooler

If you are bottle feeding this amazing accessory is a must! No more getting up and stumbling downstairs at night in a dazed half conscious state.

You make your bottles up in the evening and cool them in the fridge, the bottle cooler has a freezer element in so it keeps your bottles refrigerated. When you are ready for a 3am feed just pour water into the warmer section and the bottle heats in seconds.

I had this one and I would highly recommend it!





11. Hooded Towels

Any towel will dry your baby but hooded towels are the best at keeping your baby snuggly after a bath.



12. A Grooming Kit

These kits contain most things you need to preen your little one. A brush, comb, nail clippers, toe nail clippers and more…




13. A Nasal Aspirator

Ok this is a little bit yucky but will will most certainly need it. Otherwise known as a bulb syringe or less elegantly a snot sucker this little device is used to help your little one if they are blocked up with a nasty cold or are abit snuffly.

It does what you imagine it does 😉




14. Digital Ear Thermometer

Someone was kind enough to buy me one of these as a baby shower gift and it has been invaluable.

It measures your baby’s temperature via their ear canal and as it takes it within seconds you don’t have the challenge of getting your little one to sit still for too long.



15. Baby View Car Mirror 

It’s not safe to turn around whilst driving to check if your baby is OK so its really best to invest in one of these:



16. Car Window Shades

Also a car related must have is a set of window shades.

Back in the day I remember my dad hanging a towel over the window so the sun didn’t get in our eyes, now you you can get these so your kid can see out but they don’t get blinded!



17. Snuza Baby Monitor

This is a bit of a gadget and you will either love the idea of it or hate it but SIDS is a serious and extremely sad reality so this tiny monitor will help put your mind at rest knowing your baby is sleeping safely.

The monitor clips to the waist band of your baby’s nappy and monitors their breathing and movements. If there is no movement for a certain length of time, 15-20 seconds, the alarm will sound to alert you!



Obviously there is a whole lot more we could add to the list but these are our top 17 baby must haves!

Hopefully you found this list useful, enjoy your little ones 😊

Tell us below what you would recommend as a baby must have you couldn’t have done without!